Smart glass: know the advantages of this item for your home

The benefits of using glass in a building are many, such as better use of light, a feeling of spaciousness, beauty, as well as savings. When it comes to smart glass , the advantages of this item are even greater, when choosing a glass wall art

With that in mind, we have prepared more information on how this smart glass technology works and what its main benefits are for a property. Check out the content below!

What is smart glass?
It is an opaque glass, but it becomes transparent. This is smart glass, also known as smart glass . It has a system that allows you to easily change shades and can be used on windows, doors, in addition to serving even for room divisions.

Currently, it is possible to find three different smart glass technologies: liquid crystal, electrochromic and suspended particle arrangement. Although they present practically the same result, there are changes in relation to the value. Therefore, the ideal is to research which option suits your pocket the most.

Liquid crystal is the most expensive smart glass option, because this model requires a constant electrical current. Electrochromic glasses are the cheapest types. Finally, suspended particles are the most cost-effective, since they are sold at an intermediate price and have good durability.

How does smart glass work?
“Smart glass is a new technology that joins two sheets of colorless glass with a film of electrical microparticles between them. This smart glass film changes from milky to transparent when activated with an electric current, which can be turned on with a switch or when the door closes itself”, explains architect and landscaper Cezar Scarpato.

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Fernanda Quintas, marketing and technical specifications supervisor at PKO do Brasil, explains that the “magic of transformation” happens due to the production process, because it is a lamination of two glasses with an LCD (liquid crystal) film with polymers scattered.

“When a voltage (electric voltage) is applied, the molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction, making it colorless. This allows light to pass through the glass. When the device is turned off, the molecules return to their original condition, making the white glass translucent again”, details the professional.

6 benefits of smart glass
Due to its versatility of use, smart glass has several advantages for your home environments, as it is highly durable, easy to clean , blocks up to 99.6% of ultraviolet radiation and reduces damage to the skin.

Image of the windows of a house
1. Divide environments
As it is a product that changes its color, it can be used to divide environments and keep them integrated with the change in its tonality. With this technology, it is possible to provide partial privacy to the environment, as well as to avoid the use of walls that occupy more space in a residence.

Architect and landscaper Cezar Scarpato explains some places where the item can be used. “It can be used in environments with a more futuristic and technological aesthetic, as well as places that seek integration between environments and partial privacy, such as a bathroom with smart glass inside the suite, for example, or lofts and home offices ”.

2. Curtain replacement
If used on windows, smart glass can replace curtains, but it is worth remembering that it does not work as a blackout curtain , because when it is off, the glass is in sandblasted mode, from which it is possible to see penumbra and shapes.

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The CEO of Glasspedia, Wagner Domingues, explains that its use is not recommended for facade applications. If the person is interested, its application must be studied rigorously, in order to comply with current regulations.

3. Ease of cleaning
It’s easy to clean the polarized smart glass, just use a soft cloth and mild soap. Then the cloth must be passed over the surface until it is clean. Then finish sanitizing with a dry cloth to remove moisture.

4. Image projection
Have a cinema whenever you want! When it is in milky mode, it can be used to project images and videos, as the item assumes the same function as a projection screen that has a whitish background.

5. Energy saving
If you opt for light -responsive smart glass , know that you will be able to control the ambient light easily. Thus, it is possible to reduce the need to use artificial lights.

In addition, its intelligent panels reduce heating by the sun’s rays. In this way, the use of air conditioning and other air conditioning items is reduced. Therefore, in addition to providing savings, smart glass is also sustainable.

6. Visual relief
By allowing you to regulate the amount of lighting, smart glass prevents insufficient or excessive luminosity. In this way, it reduces visual discomfort and vision problems.

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